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Time: 46:53 | Video Clips: 91 | Pics: 640
Gina Lynn
Gina Lynn is the most famous porn star period. She's even made it to such mainstream shows as "The Sopranos." That's why it was so fun having her barfing on our cocks. I mean, this is Gina Lynn, not some tweaked out LA starlet on her way to rehab. Gina Lynn wasn't used to this type of treatment, and being the purists we are to our craft, we didn't give a shit who she was neither. Right after the first slap she knew she was in for it. Her head was passed back and forth like a dodge ball. Then it was head over the sofa and the cocks drilled her throat until she was unrecognizable; you couldn't even tell it was the famous Gina Lynn. Even though she broke down and ran to the bathroom, you could tell there was a part in her that liked pushing the envelope to test herself, yea, she pushed herself a little too far, but you could see as her eyes were tearing up, there was a look of excitement in there too. Then she took 3 degrading nuts to the face which rolled into her pouty mouth and dripped off her chin. There she sat, porn's crown jewel, destroyed.
Time: 45:23 | Video Clips: 91 | Pics: 614
Amai Liu
Amai Liu is a little 19 year old Chinese girl who is about 5'0" and 80 lbs. She was a feisty little whore too, but that went out the window when the cocks started to punish her. Big Red picked her up like she was little doll and just placed her on his cock. It was that easy. Then Pauly Harker took his long pole and shoved it down her face too. She was besides herself. Then that tight Asian pussy got pounded by cocks that were meant to be inside something that tiny. After it was all said and done, and she had all her dignity gagged out of her, it was time to nut on her face. She sat there the best she could with a fake smile pretending it was all ok.
Time: 44:44 | Video Clips: 29 | Pictures: 99
Makenzee Pierce
Makenzee Pierce is a whore who made it out to the east coast to take a beating. Her little prissy face needed to be speckeled on because she has that girl next door look, but with a touch of cunt. She had a hot little body too. It was great to see this cute little piece of shit barf on a cock. She just looked so broken. When she took the loads to her face, she sat there mentally and physically trashed. It was a masterpiece.
Time: 46:12 | Video Clips: 93 | Pics: 730
Violet Monroe
Wow, I don't even remember shooting this whore. It's just a blur of slaps, puke, and her emo ass complaining like an emo ass. That's really all I remember, but from the pics it looks like some crazy shit went down. I remember it being really painful for her to take Big Red's cock into her tight pussy. It was fun to watch that, and she kind of looks like Boy George a tad too. That being said, I'm sure you will enjoy this. I'm about to watch it now myself!
Time: 44:14 | Video Clips: 70 | Pics: 268
Mirella is 18! She's a senior in high school too! WE FUCKIN' DELIVER! Anyways, she was a good little submissive whore. So hot and tender. She did anything we asked of her. She got her throat drilled for the first time in her life. She was a mess, covered in her own slop. Then we fucked that tight 18 year old pussy, nutted all over her face and sent her back to daddy.
Time: 34:55 | Full Broadband Video: 388mb | Full 56k Video: 68mb | 56k Video Clips: 35 | Pictures: 101
This beautiful half Japanese half American is doing her first ever porn. She never even had cum on her face but today she takes 4 loads back to back. Not to mention we fucked that beautiful face until she turned blue from oxygen deprivation. She took a huge cock in that tight little pussy and said "Spank me Daddy" as she rode it hard.
Time: 31:09 | Full Broadband Video: 348mb | Full 56k Video: 114mb | 56k Video Clips: 56 | Pictures: 101
Gina stopped by for her first ever porno and her first ever rough BJ too. She was taken back by how hard we railed her throat. She liked being called a whore and having her ass spanked too. She also took her first ever facial. 2 of them!
Time: 35:38 | Video Clips: 3 | Pics: 482
At first glance, Missy doesn't look like the type of girl that would be sitting on our couch. By her own admission, she's a closet freak. She says she enjoys watching our videos and what turns her on the most is "seeing the misery in the girl's eyes". Those are her own words. Today, she got to live out her fantasy. You're welcome! Seeing her tiny little mouth wrapped around Pauly's big cock was amazing. It's the kind of image that almost makes me feel guilty... watching her innocence ripped from her like a purse snatcher. Here's the best part.. she's going to college for women's studies, which in a nutshell means she's a feminist. Nice!!! She should flunk on this alone! I have to say, though... I got hard watching her tiny pussy split in two. This scene is amazing!

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