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Time: 45:11 | Video Clips: 98 | Pics: 525
Johane Johannson
Johane is a hot import from Mother Russia. She learned all the tricks of the trade whoring there. When she sat on our couch, she claimed she was familiar with rough sex. Her idea of rough sex is a little bit different than ours. This was obvious as soon as Red and Bootleg thrusted their meat down her throat. Her eyes bugged out and she started crying. This is what separates us from the posers. Shit got real, real fast. They didn't ease up, though. Her face was slammed with spit and slaps. Once the facial punishment was over, her tight little asshole became the next target. That O ring was stretched to maximum capacity. I'm talking about one serious pounding! When she couldn't take any more and the guys had their fill, they dumped their loads all over her face... leaving her a sloppy mess.
Time: 5:54| Video Clips: 9 | Pics: 168
Kelly Klass
Kelly Klass is smoking hot but unfortunately she tapped like James Toney's fat ass did against Randy Couture. Everything was going great until I mentioned "daddy" and then things fell apart quicker than Fred Savage's acting career. However, it's still worth it to watch even the ones that say "No mas." Here she is, albeit briefly, Kelly Klass, another one who tapped because of the mental, not the physical.
Time: 30:33 | Video Clips: 46 | Pics: 309
Amor Vond
Amor Vond has plans to move, so that's why she is doing a scene tonight. She has big plans for her and her boyfriend to start a new life in some hick state where toothbrushes are not required. I love a girl who is selling her ass to better her life for her and her man; I mean, think about that for a second. That's why it's so fun to just have your way on someone else's girl. It makes every orafice feel so much better, and the look on her eyes with every deep and hard thrust just lets you know she is thinking about her man and the loving times they have, but a firm slap quickly brings her back to reality. We fucked her face nice and hard, and then her tight pussy. She was besides herself as we went to town on her. She whimpered as cocks went down her throat and deep in her pussy, but she knew that the money from this would change her life. We nutted all over her face and let her sit there and ponder the mistake she just made, as semen dripped into her eyes and on to her tits.
Time: 37:01 | Video Clips: 75 | Pics: 651
Ellie is one of those girls who wants to do a porno but doesn't want to lay any pride on the line. But, she's a whore and something like pride is a commodity that does not exist in the economical machinations of porn. So, she basically had to get on her knees and be the subhuman piece of shit I'm paying her to be. Big Red started working her throat and Bootleg went right for the gas pedal. Next thing you know we have a slop session going on. The room is stinking, she's prideless, I'm dropping bombs on her like Tyson vs. Spinks, and then we dump cum all over her tearful face. Another day at the office you could say.
Time: 17:11 | Video Clips: 35 | Pics: 248
Mikayla didn't have the Brass Ovaries to handle the Ultimate Model Challenge. She is a fish you throw back, and hope to catch again when its a Steelhead, a little more seasoned. She is a cute natural blonde with a box of rocks in her head. So a cute girl with nothing to say, that's almost perfection hahaha. We figured we will start to show you the Tap-Outs so you can appreciate the girls that can do it. They are Troopers!
Time: 38:20 | Video Clips: 81 | Pics: 312
Kacey V & Hailey Young
Kacey V got the chance to sit on our couch recently after a small hiatus from the wonderful world of porn. While Red was re-introducing her to face fucking, in comes Hailey Young, a good friend of Facial Abuse, fully strapped with a huge dildo, as Hailey wanted to take part in pounding Kacey. After Red got done with face fucking, Hailey took over as she filled Kacey’s mouth with her strap on dildo, then Red joined in the fun and Kacey had her mouth filled with a huge cock and dildo. After her facial training, both Red and Hailey took turns pounding Kasey's pussy. All in all, they tagged teamed Kacey's pussy and mouth, keeping both filled with either cock or dildo. Finally, after Red came, Hailey pimped slapped a bewildered and dazed Kacey V. What a way to get back into porn!
Time: 36:56 | Video Clips: 78 | Pics: 783
Moxxie Maddron
Moxxie Maddron came back for her second go. The first time was crazy, and we were surprised she called us and said that she wanted to do it again. I love it when a whore knows her role and accepts the fact that she is put on this Earth as a play thing. She learned a thing or two from the first time she was here. She could take a cock to the balls with no problem, and she had a chin like Mike Tyson. I gave her some good chops to the face and she took it like a champ. After she was worked over, she took 2 nuts to the face and scooped wiped it all in, and whatever was left with her hands she gobbled it up like a rat eating a piece of cheese.
Time: 48:35 | Video Clips: 98 | Pics: 204
Kandi Sweets
How awesome is this? Here's a chubby chick that calls herself Kandi Sweets. You don't get better than that. If it weren't for copyright infringements, she could have named herself Clark Bar. LOL at fat girls. All they want is attention. Granted, she got mine with her natural E sized titties. Those things were remarkable. It's a shame they were attached to a body resembling a sack of potatoes. Answer me this... how can a chick be from California and look like she's never stood in the sun before? She's whiter than me and I use my flesh to white balance the cameras prior to shooting. So fucking sad. The highlight of this scene is when we had her use her own puke as lube for some titty fucking action. Gross? Yes! Awesome? Absolutely!!!
Time: 36:35 | Video Clips: 76 | Pics: 338
Shereese Blaze
Shereese Blaze went straight from prison to our studio. Yup... She's obviously a good decision maker. Sarcasm! I laughed my ass off when Red had take off her flip flops and he slapped the shit out of her with them on his hands. Who the fuck wears flip flops to a porn shoot anyway? I'm sure everything we did to her was done to her by some fat dyke while she was in the joint. In fact, I think Red is going to start becoming pen pals with these prison bitches so we have cheap future updates!
Time: 49:06 | Video Clips: 99 | Pics: 525
Leihla Leionni
Leihla Leionni is a cute 21 year old from down South. She is under 5 feet tall and has some big ass fun bags. She was really innocent, too. She got on her knees like a little lady and was tentative on the cock at first. A firm palm to the back of her head encouraged her a bit. After awhile she was able to take the cock to the balls and making a mess each time. Then, Big Red and Bootleg went to town on her tight little pussy. She wasn't used to having big cocks in her. She squealed like a hog as the cocks kept slamming into her cervix. After they got tired of what her body had to offer, They sat her down and nutted all over her face. Her cute, innocent face, covered in goo. That old man whore Bootleg really enjoys women half his age.
Time: 37:05 | Video Clips: 75 | Pics: 369
Fuck Stick
Fuck Stick already looks like she's been in a bunch of Rodeo's, unfortunately, as the clown that gets blasted by the bull. Good ol' gravel face does have an nice long lean body and her pussy was actually the nicest thing on her. She came to see what her limits were and we red-lined them. She got her three holes ground and pounded, then smothered her face with 3 layers of goo.
Time: 41:13 | Video Clips: 62 | Pics: 285
When I heard we were shooting some whore named Alla, I naturally assumed it was gonna be some cunt dressed in an abaya sent to destroy the Facial Abuse studio. Fortunately, it was just some useless twat with a great body, but subpar face. The only thing that got terrorized is this bitch's head and stink box. These colors don't run!
Time: 49:32 | Video Clips: 100 | Pics: 539
Leena Sky
This is probably the grossest scene I've ever filmed... and that's thanks to Bootleg, the most vile perverted fuck in the porn biz. But here's the good news first... Leena Sky is fucking cute. Plus, she was the easiest whore I've ever worked with. Here's a recipe for success... take 1 submissive whore with absolutely no limitations and mix in Bootleg and Red... and you have a porno nuclear explosion. This scene has it all, snot, puke, anal, double penetration, choking, slapping, humiliation... and barf swallowing. I don't even wanna think about it or I'm going to puke all over my laptop as I watch this. Trust me, this scene is not for the faint of heart.
Time: 19:04 | Video Clips: 39 | Pics: 331
Thelma... now tell me that isn't the most boring and non sexiest porn name ever. I bet she was named after that fat walrus from Scooby Doo, but she was too stupid to realize. Obviously, she ate all the Scooby snacks! nyway, when I first heard about her, I was told she has some degenerative muscle disease that allows her holes to stretch to amazing shapes and sizes. I was expecting some sort of superhero. What I got was a big fat mess of a hipster skank who ended up not being able to take the punishment and had to quit short. When she did a good job, we fed her chocolate because fat people like chocolate. When she barfed it up, it looked like chocolate milk. It was almost as gross as her face. Almost... but not quite.

Time: 45:50 | Full Broadband Video: 516mb | Full 56k Video: 109mb | 56k Video Clips: 37 | Pictures: 99
Shasta is a piece of shit whore who just got divorced and is looking for some payback. What she didn't take into account was in the process of pissing off her ex husband, she got destroyed by two cocks. Her throat got pounded until she sounded like Ned from South Park. Then she got 4 loads dumped on her face. Silly whore. I really hope her ex husband sees how much of a whore his precious ex wife has become.
Time: 30:43 | Full Broadband Video: 348mb | Full 56k Video: 74mb | 56k Video Clips: 25 | Pictures: 100
Brianna Cummings
You know when two guys get into the ring in wrestling and they just start opening whoop ass on the silly fool who didn't tag his partner? Well, this is something similar. Except this one involves two cocks, a girl, a mouth, and a pulverised pussy. Brianna got her throat railed non stop and her pussy plugged. She took 3 loads to the face like a good whore. This is definitely an intense scene.
Time: 40:28 | Full Broadband Video: 459mb | Full 56k Video: 97mb | 56k Video Clips: 33 | Pictures: 100
Olga is a Russian MILF who works as a real-estate agent. I have no idea why she wanted to do a porno being that she rolled up in a Benz. She had that aristocratic attitude that rubbed me wrong, so we pulled out the big guns for this one. Two big cocks totally destroyed her. She kept screaming how big they were and how they hurt so bad. Her throat and pussy were jammed like someone piledrived a tube of cookie dough in her orifices. Then it was time to line this cold war refugee up for some good old American cum plastering. Would you believe this was her first time with cum on her face too?
Time: 33:11 | Full Broadband Video: 364mb | Full 56k Video: 62mb | 56k Video Clips: 43 | Pictures: 99
I can honestly say this is some of the hardest face fucking you will see. I was surprised how far she let us push her. We treated her like her only purpose in life was to do porn for us and take 3 loads to her whore face. We left her sitting there a cringing, yelping pile of degraded worthlessness. This video actually hurts my soul!
Time: 38:52 | Full Broadband Video: 411mb | Full 56k Video: 73mb | 56k Video Clips: 41 | Pictures: 100
This beautiful submissive Asian takes our cocks in her throat until she barfs because we told her too. Then we both fuck her until she screams like a good little whore who loves cock. Then we spackle her face with 3 pearly white goo bombs.
Time: 44:00 | Video Clips: 93 | Pics: 306
Momoko is Japanese and something else. I don't really know what that something else is, but it's like a scratch in my Benz. She was a good, honorable Japanese girl, bowing to the imperialist white cock. Big Red shoved his cock down her throat like one of those control rods missing from those busted reactors that are spewing plutonium all over the earth. Then I gave her two nice cracks across the ass, which left two perfect hand prints. Tears rolled down her eyes as she bowed again. Then Chuck and Red fucked her like Godzilla fucks Tokyo, over and over and over. Then they nutted on her face as she sat there whimpering and humbled.
Time: 36:31 | Video Clips: 77 | Pics: 300
Part of me feels bad for Kathryn. Her agent totally fucking blindsided her with this shoot. You see, Kathryn has never did anything as extreme as this and she was shitting bricks waiting for it all to go down. I know... you'd think she was tougher since she is a skilled mixed martial artist and has all those stupid looking prison-style tattoos. But deep down, she's just a softie. Tonight, she was pushed further than she ever imagined she could go. I've never seen so much puke from one person in my life. As soon as Red slid his cock in her mouth, she was barfing. Part of me wondered if she is a dyke in her real life because cock seemed foreign to her. Either that or she's one super lame girlfriend. Her stomach contents filled the dog bowl with the quickness. We left it there for the entire shoot to remind her just how much of a degenerate piece of shit we think she is. After the cum was done dripping from her face, Red took the puke bowl and emptied it over her head. The cycle of shame was complete.
Time: 33:25 | Video Clips: 70 | Pics: 231
Jolee is a pretty cute 19 year old from North Carolina who has a homo pimp agent who likes to pretend to be girls on the internet. Pretty sad, right? So, we made it our mission to make sure his main whore never wants to make another porn video as long as she lives. We sent in Pauly Harker to destroy her. After a few hard slaps to her jaw, she started to break. Some tears slowly started to roll down her face. I was thrilled. I could picture her agent sitting back, counting his money while he sends his lambs to the slaughter. Total fucking scumbag! But, she's here and has a job to do. Pauly made sure she earned that paycheck. A cock has never been deep down her throat before and trust me, she struggled. Eventually, she learned how to take it deep... and that's when she earned my respect. Once she realized she was a skank pig hoe, things ran smoothly. Her role in life is to be a cock socket and my role is to film her doing so. By the end, it was a beautiful symphony of humiliation and degradation.
Time: 33:58 | Video Clips: 72 | Pics: 122
Chelsea Taylor
Wow... what a fatty! Chelsea Taylor is the last girl we wanted to see on Valentine's Day. She's a real hog who hasn't been laid in years... and after seeing her, it's obvious why. She's chubby, has small tits and an a big fat ass like Chris Farley. As soon as Red's cock went into her throat, her shame and regret came out in the form of barf. She made a mess all over herself. Then, the waterworks began. This plumper cried and cried and cried. We promised her cake if she did a good job, but even that wasn't enough to quiet her whimpers. Oh... and let me tell you this. She fucks like an 80 year old woman. Absolutely terrible!
Time: 40:00 | Video Clips: 79 | Pics: 238
No connection to Randy Rhodes, but when it comes to being on the road too long this bitch takes the cake. Just turing into a "Porn Star" at 32 ripe old years. There is something to be said about broads reaching their sexual peak at 30, 'cause this chick was very lustful and loved this shit. As far as women reaching their sexual peak, I believe it's more a time of realizing their sexual light is dimming. So they start to really go after getting some while the getting is still good. This broad looked at Harker like she was famished and he was a leg of lamb. Harker looked at her with disgust, and gave her a slap to her Eastern European mouth. Then the games began. Camilla the Cock Clown was a three holed Circus, each hole was pounded. This is a different type of film cause Camilla had no innocence to speak of, and was living in the moment enjoying every blow, and poke to her. A true submissive, and gave her all. If she was 10 years younger and a tad bit pretty, the world would know her as a top performer, but that's not the case. It is an all around great scene... Enjoy.
Time: 42:29 | Video Clips: 97 | Pics: 405
Jada Belle
Jada was totally the Belle of the Ball, especially when she reached them and gagged. At first she thought she was all that and a bag of dog shit. Telling me how she only does real modeling. Bitch, I don't care if you think your the Queen of Sheba, you're in my kingdom. You will respect and honor the royal meat shaft. Gag you will, hurl you might, and you will get the disrespect slapped out of you. We are basically a reform school for sluts whom were never taught proper manners, or how to respect the cock. In these modern times the road of easy $ is under construction with no budget to fix it. So even whores have to really put that extra effort to make the cash these days. That's how you get a Jada Belle, once high-hoped runway model, now having a train run on her. She fell from high class to having my cock in her ass. She got DP'ed, and a whole lot more. I'm sick of giving everything away in the text... Check it out... Enjoy my friends. Cheers, Red.
Time: 37:51 | Video Clips: 57 | Pics: 567
When I see whores show up with bad ass tattoos, the first thing I think is, "These tats are hiding a wounded psyche." It's basically like a beware of dog sign, but if you are like me, if you don't hear a dog barking, I'm hopping the fence. As you could imagine, she was getting cock from every direction. She even glazed over and began to suck her thumb. The face fucking was hard, and she had problems taking the big cocks. The length gave her pain, but the drilling went on. Then she said, "Just come on my face, I don't think I can take it anymore." We all lined up and painted her face like a blank canvas that was void of pride.
Time: 44:23 | Video Clips: 89 | Pics: 699
Summer Blu
Summer Blu is another one who has a loving boyfriend waiting at home for her to return. I don't get it why boyfriend send their girls to do a porn. They get all nutted up and when they come home, the boyfriend is mad. It's mind boggling. Especially when she is getting face fucked, and both her holes drilled. I mean, let's be 100% honest here... Do you think a regular dude can give it to a slut like Big Red & Bootleg? Even though they are regular dudes themselves. That's why these girls get sent home ruined. Her boyfriend isn't going to be able to lay that kind of pipe. It's over. Plus, she's a whore now. Look at her taking 2 cocks at the same time. She's an average girl too. She did things today she will never do again. Look at the pile of slop on her face. She's completely owned. I know her boyfriend is going to watch this and really think twice about this relationship.
Time: 33:00 | Full Broadband Video: 384mb | Full 56k Video: 63mb | 56k Video Clips: 62 | Pictures: 100
Julea London
Julea London
Julea London
Julea London
This cute little teen came to us for a good ass whooping. We face fucked her, DP'd her and drilled her ass until she had enough. I shot a huge load in her asshole that she pushed out and dripped down her ass cheeks and to my balls.. She took 3 more to the face as she lay their owned like a typical whore who receives the facial abuse treatment. She is another first timer who thought she could handle us.
Julea London Julea London Julea London Julea London
Time: 43:36 | Video Clips: 88 | Pics: 618
This is one of the best walk off's we had in a while. Basically, Big Red called her a Billy Idol refugee, and she started yelling back at us. However, her mouth was all filled with slobber, so she sounded like a deaf mute at an auction. I ripped into her some more and she walked off. She came back of course, because she realized her white trash ways will only get you so far on a porn set. So she returned, and we finished pillaging her throat, ass and pussy. She never did an extreme scene before, and she thought she was so bad ass. We realized in 10 minutes she was about as bad ass as Barney The Dinosaur. After a brutal DP we applied our nuts all over her face as she sat there trying to fake it that her pride left the building about 1 hour before she did.
Time: 47:22 | Video Clips: 95 | Pics: 842

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