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Time: 43:18 | Video Clips: 68 | Pics: 495
Francesca is not your typical porn whore. This is her first ever adult movie. Talk about trial by fire. Fran is college educated, but found a sorta malaise in the real world. So this is her big step out to see what's on the other side. In her professional career she is usually working on people's mouths, today that script got flipped. It started out with Bootleg & Harker just using their cocks like battering rams on her virgin throat. For a first timer, she impressed me with her willingness to be pushed to her limits, and was game for all the new experiences that was in store for her. Midway through, Harker got a mysterious phone call and had to leave. I think he called the guy Mr. X or something. Anyway, the remarkable Mr. Red just stepped up to take care of this broad. Red & Boots then took turns on her Italian pussy. Slamming it home to a great grand cum finale, and scooped her some up which she tasted like Grandma's homemade sauce. Enjoy my friends, I know I did.
Time: 45:07 | Video Clips: 91 | Pics: 837
Tia Ling
Tia Ling has been in the business for several years. I asked her to rate the scene from 1-10 after she was done and she broke it down like this. LA Porn is a 3, BDSM is a 7, and we are a 10. I love to hear that we are keeping it real because there are so many copycats of Facial Abuse out there. Anyways, to the point. Tia Ling was literally shown by two white cocks that she doesn't have all the answers, in spite of being an industry veteran. I guess it's like all these boxers in their late 20's-early 30's being sat down by a 19 year old Mike Tyson. We turn all these whores back into rookies. She was obliterated by the cocks. Pumping her throat until she was as red as China. Then we filled up those tight Asian holes at the same time and pumped her like a bad set of brakes, and nutted all over her face. She said this was the most humiliating sexual experience of her life. To me that just means this scene is a keeper!
Time: 40:17 | Video Clips: 81 | Pics: 652
Dahlia Denyle
Dahlia Denyle is a beautiful Palestinian cocksucker. It's a rare treat when you get someone from that region as the women are usually so repressed, a porno is out of the question; especially, a porno where a hoe is taking a cock into her whore throat. With Dahlia Denyle being Palestinian, I wanted to see how well she could throw a rock, because everytime I flip on Fox News, I always see a Palestinian throwing a rock at a tank. She tossed that rock like "The Unit." We knew she was legit off the boat mid eastern then. She took a good pounding and that tight Arab pussy was toppled like Saddam by a big thrusting Irish cock. Then she took a nut to the face that was so big, it looked like she was wearing a burka made of cum.
Time: 36:25 | Video Clips: 73 | Pics: 773
Mya McKay & Cheyenne
Mya Mckay and Cheyenne came back for an encore, but at the same time. Bootleg and Helmet took them on. Why do we call the one dude Helmet? Look at his fucking cock. It's like he wacked it with a hammer. Anyways, these two whores took a good pounding. If there is one thing Bootleg can do well, is being told what to do, so he gave it to these whores good. After we had them spilling their guts all over each other, they took nut to the face and ended in one cum covered lesbo kiss. I love it when whores do that.
Time: 38:42 | Video Clips: 77 | Pics: 592
Cameron is as naive as a Midwestern special ed student. She had a boyfriend who basically told her that he wants to see her in a porno. So she shows up and the phone rings, and she asks me, "My boyfriend wants to see me get ass fucked, and then get DP'd." We were like, "Um, let us think on that one... Sure!" This poor girl would do anything to please him, even if it meant pleasing us. She never experienced anything like this, and you could tell her innocence was yesterday's news. We sent her back to her loving boyfriend filled with cum, gaping holes, humiliated, and with a story to tell.
Time: 46:22 | Video Clips: 95 | Pictures: 99
Tia is a cute first timer who wanted to experience something bizarre. The funny thing is is that she is telling her boyfriend that she is at a job interview. She is just 19 years old with the perfect titties too. She got face fucked good and then got her pussy pounded until she was ready to let us nut all over her face. We let her sit there and baste in it for awhile.
Time: 46:22 | Full Broadband Video: 526mb | Full 56k Video: 111mb | 56k Video Clips: 38 | Pictures: 100
Hannah is a beautiful jewish girl from NYC. So, in order to infiltrate her psyche, I had her suck an uncircumcised cock. I had her nibble it, caress it, smack her self across the face with that philistine schnitzel. She sucked that sabbrett until she new she was going to burn. But the best was shoving that sausage down her throat and filling my floor with matzah ball soup. After that she took on two cocks and 4 loads to the face. She was not happy.
Time: 36:82 | Video Clips: 74 | Pics: 712
Bailey Brooks
Bailey Brooks is a well known porn star. She's done plenty of scenes but none quite like this. This always makes things fun. We warmed her up with a good face fucking, and then proceeded to fuck her ass. She was such a horny whore that she loved it. Then we all nutted on her face and she lay there covered in cum for all to see.
Time: 42:36 | Full Broadband Video: 483mb | Full 56k Video:102mb | 56k Video Clips: 35 | Pictures: 100
Morgan just turned 18 a few months ago. She said she was doing a porn because her parents weren't paying enough attention to her. I think if they see her virgin gaping asshole, that's going to change for sure... maybe in not such a good way. It was fun drilling her innocent face with cock after cock as her little makeup ran down her face. Then, two cocks entered her at the same time for her first ever anal and first ever dp. Then she took 4 loads to the cute, innocent, bashful face. We didn't care that she was just an innocent first timer!
Time: 31:22 | Full Broadband Video: 343mb | Full 56k Video: 59mb | 56k Video Clips: 30 | Pictures: 100
Kennedy came to us a complete porn virgin. She had no idea that her face would get fucked like a drunk driver slamming into a school bus. We spit on her, called her a whore, and completely owned her. She was totally our property during this scene. Then she got fucked so hard that the next day she was supposed to film for another company but couldn't because her pussy was too sore. We totally unloaded our cocks on her face. 3 loads slowly ooze off her chin and down to her tits. She was definitely not a happy camper.
Time: 47:13 | Video Clips: 95 | Pics: 790
Sophie Ryan
Sophie Ryan is new to porn. She never had a real man fuck her before, so when Big Red started pounding that pussy, she was letting out tears and squealing like a pig. He was pounding her so hard she was on her tippy toes trying to escape the cock. Bootleg grabbed her by the hair and proceeded to face fuck her while Big Red was pounding her from behind into submission. At first, she had cock shock, but as her pussy got used to the pounding cock her inner naughty girl came out, and what a freak she was. The last time someone moaned this loud was in Salem around 1600 A.D. Then we all juiced on her face. Look at her innocent eyes as the cum drips down her face and taking away her innocence. They are drops of wisdom.
Time: 40:23 | Full Broadband Video: 449mb | Full 56k Video: 75mb | 56k Video Clips: 38 | Pictures: 101
This girl is the definition of innocence. She was never face fucked in her life. She had no idea what to expect as my cock thrusted down her throat and made her barf. You can see it in her eyes she just wanted it to be over with. This video makes the baby Jesus cry.
Time: 43:18 | Full Broadband Video: 491mb | Full 56k Video: 104mb | 56k Video Clips: 35 | Pictures: 100
Kara Bare aka Shawna Lenee
Kara Bare is a cute little freckle face from the midwest. She said she did a lot of porn before and thought she could handle us. Half way through she's leaning against the ropes as the cocks delivered blow after blow to her whore throat. The she got fucked nice and good and was moaning like she never had cock like this. Tommy was drilling her tight snatch and pulled out and nutted all over her face and Big Red followed suit. She sat there with her little 19 year old face covered in tons of cum.
Time: 31:22 | Full Broadband Video: 343mb | Full 56k Video: 59mb | 56k Video Clips: 30 | Pictures: 100
Beautiful Indian Jasmine came to America only a few months ago. We were lucky to find her right after she turned 18. Check out how this little Indian sex slave gets fucked and abused and takes 3 loads to her sexy exotic face.
Time: 28:42 | Full Broadband Video: 318mb | Full 56k Video: 54mb | 56k Video Clips: 27 | Pictures: 100
18 year old Tiffaney gets her first ever anal on camera and also takes simultaneous cock in the pussy. We blast her pretty face with three huge loads and send her home to her awaiting boyfriend.
Time: 33:48 | Full Broadband Video: 383mb | Full 56k Video: 130mb | 56k Video Clips: 44 | Pictures: 99
Julea London
Julea London
Julea London
Annie Cruz
Annie Cruz is known for always taking control in a scene. Even when it's a rough one, she finds a way all the time to not let the guy make her feel like shit. Today we see Annie get destroyed by James Deen. This is a rough one. If his dick wasn't in her ass, she was doing ass to mouth. If he wasn't slapping her face and putting his fist into her mouth, he was shoving his foot into her mouth. This one is definitely tough to watch and it's refreshing to see someone as head strong as Annie Cruz to end up a face first in a disgusting pile of ooze!
Julea London Julea London Julea London Julea London
Time: 59:49 | Full Broadband Video: 679mb | Full 56k Video: 144mb | 56k Video Clips: 49 | Pictures: 100
Angel Burk
Angel Burk is a southern belle who got her bell rung. This video is absolute destruction as this first timer takes cock deep into her throat and smacked around like a retard in day care. She fucked two guys and took 4 loads as she let the camera crew bust on her face too. She told us her parents teach Sunday school. I'm sure they are mighty proud of their little girl. But he who is without sin, blow the first load!

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