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Time: 5:54 56k Video Clips: 9 Pics: 168
Kelly Klass
Kelly Klass is smoking hot but unfortunately she tapped like James Toney's fat ass did against Randy Couture. Everything was going great until I mentioned "daddy" and then things fell apart quicker than Fred Savage's acting career. However, it's still worth it to watch even the ones that say "No mas." Here she is, albeit briefly, Kelly Klass, another one who tapped because of the mental, not the physical.

Time: 37:01 56k Video Clips: 75 Pics: 651
Ellie is one of those girls who wants to do a porno but doesn't want to lay any pride on the line. But, she's a whore and something like pride is a commodity that does not exist in the economical machinations of porn. So, she basically had to get on her knees and be the subhuman piece of shit I'm paying her to be. Big Red started working her throat and Bootleg went right for the gas pedal. Next thing you know we have a slop session going on. The room is stinking, she's prideless, I'm dropping bombs on her like Tyson vs. Spinks, and then we dump cum all over her tearful face. Another day at the office you could say.

Time: 38:20 56k Video Clips: 81 Pics: 312
Kacey V & Hailey Young
Kacey V got the chance to sit on our couch recently after a small hiatus from the wonderful world of porn. While Red was re-introducing her to face fucking, in comes Hailey Young, a good friend of Facial Abuse, fully strapped with a huge dildo, as Hailey wanted to take part in pounding Kacey. After Red got done with face fucking, Hailey took over as she filled Kacey’s mouth with her strap on dildo, then Red joined in the fun and Kacey had her mouth filled with a huge cock and dildo. After her facial training, both Red and Hailey took turns pounding Kasey's pussy. All in all, they tagged teamed Kacey's pussy and mouth, keeping both filled with either cock or dildo. Finally, after Red came, Hailey pimped slapped a bewildered and dazed Kacey V. What a way to get back into porn!

Time: 49:06 56k Video Clips: 99 Pics: 525
Leihla Leionni
Leihla Leionni is a cute 21 year old from down South. She is under 5 feet tall and has some big ass fun bags. She was really innocent, too. She got on her knees like a little lady and was tentative on the cock at first. A firm palm to the back of her head encouraged her a bit. After awhile she was able to take the cock to the balls and making a mess each time. Then, Big Red and Bootleg went to town on her tight little pussy. She wasn't used to having big cocks in her. She squealed like a hog as the cocks kept slamming into her cervix. After they got tired of what her body had to offer, They sat her down and nutted all over her face. Her cute, innocent face, covered in goo. That old man whore Bootleg really enjoys women half his age.

Time: 37:05 56k Video Clips: 75 Pics: 369
Fuck Stick
Fuck Stick already looks like she's been in a bunch of Rodeo's, unfortunately, as the clown that gets blasted by the bull. Good ol' gravel face does have an nice long lean body and her pussy was actually the nicest thing on her. She came to see what her limits were and we red-lined them. She got her three holes ground and pounded, then smothered her face with 3 layers of goo.

Time: 48:35 56k Video Clips: 98 Pics: 204
Kandi Sweets
How awesome is this? Here's a chubby chick that calls herself Kandi Sweets. You don't get better than that. If it weren't for copyright infringements, she could have named herself Clark Bar. LOL at fat girls. All they want is attention. Granted, she got mine with her natural E sized titties. Those things were remarkable. It's a shame they were attached to a body resembling a sack of potatoes. Answer me this... how can a chick be from California and look like she's never stood in the sun before? She's whiter than me and I use my flesh to white balance the cameras prior to shooting. So fucking sad. The highlight of this scene is when we had her use her own puke as lube for some titty fucking action. Gross? Yes! Awesome? Absolutely!!!

Time: 49:32 56k Video Clips: 100 Pics: 539
Leena Sky
This is probably the grossest scene I've ever filmed... and that's thanks to Bootleg, the most vile perverted fuck in the porn biz. But here's the good news first... Leena Sky is fucking cute. Plus, she was the easiest whore I've ever worked with. Here's a recipe for success... take 1 submissive whore with absolutely no limitations and mix in Bootleg and Red... and you have a porno nuclear explosion. This scene has it all, snot, puke, anal, double penetration, choking, slapping, humiliation... and barf swallowing. I don't even wanna think about it or I'm going to puke all over my laptop as I watch this. Trust me, this scene is not for the faint of heart.

Time: 36:35 56k Video Clips: 76 Pics: 338
Shereese Blaze
Shereese Blaze went straight from prison to our studio. Yup... She's obviously a good decision maker. Sarcasm! I laughed my ass off when Red had take off her flip flops and he slapped the shit out of her with them on his hands. Who the fuck wears flip flops to a porn shoot anyway? I'm sure everything we did to her was done to her by some fat dyke while she was in the joint. In fact, I think Red is going to start becoming pen pals with these prison bitches so we have cheap future updates!

Time: 32:32 Full Broadband Video: 355mb Full 56k Video: 61mb 56k Video Clips: 31 Pictures: 100
Vanna just turned 18 and came to America to model. Well she found us first and her first modeling gig turned into a porn shoot. This chick was so hot we felt like two preists at a boy scout sleep over. Her beautiful face takes 3 loads that ever so elegantly augment her feminity.

Time: 35:48 Full Broadband Video: 392mb Full 56k Video: 67mb 56k Video Clips: 34 Pictures: 99
It was open season on this girls throat and pussy. We totally treated her like the sperm recepticle she was born to be. We emptied our 3 meat wrenches on her face and totally smothered her with banana snot.

Time: 29:34 Full Broadband Video: 335mb Full 56k Video: 114mb 56k Video Clips: 39 Pictures: 100
samantha is another first timer who is here to test her limits to see if she has what it takes. About 10 minutes into the face fucking she was on the ropes looking towards her trainer to throw in the towel, but unfortunatley for her, only the ref can stop the fight. So the onslaught continued. After her throat was obliterated, it was time for her ass to be gapped wide open like a tunnel. During the entire time she was ridiculed about being a whore and cheating on her boyfriend. She thought that being in porn was cool until her ass was beat like a stretched rubber band. Then she got a face full of cum and sat there like a stupid tool.

Time: 38:54 56k Video Clips: 78 Pictures: 100
Sabree Lynn
Sabree Lynn is practically off the boat... From Idaho that is. That place gave me the creeps just talking to her bimbo face. But those farmer daughters titties were as firm as a bale of hay. This is technically her first scene, so what better way than to break in the farmers daughter than by debuting her on Facial Abuse! You really know you are alive when you see a big pair of perfect hick titties getting puked on because a cock is down her throat. There is too much to tell in just a few sentences, but she definitely found herself like a sheep thrown to the wolves!

Time: 44:23 56k Video Clips: 89 Pics: 699
Summer Blu
Summer Blu is another one who has a loving boyfriend waiting at home for her to return. I don't get it why boyfriend send their girls to do a porn. They get all nutted up and when they come home, the boyfriend is mad. It's mind boggling. Especially when she is getting face fucked, and both her holes drilled. I mean, let's be 100% honest here... Do you think a regular dude can give it to a slut like Big Red & Bootleg? Even though they are regular dudes themselves. That's why these girls get sent home ruined. Her boyfriend isn't going to be able to lay that kind of pipe. It's over. Plus, she's a whore now. Look at her taking 2 cocks at the same time. She's an average girl too. She did things today she will never do again. Look at the pile of slop on her face. She's completely owned. I know her boyfriend is going to watch this and really think twice about this relationship.

Julea London Julea London Julea London
Julea London Julea London
Time: 33:00 Full Broadband Video: 384mb Full 56k Video: 63mb 56k Video Clips: 62 Pictures: 100
Julea London
This cute little teen came to us for a good ass whooping. We face fucked her, DP'd her and drilled her ass until she had enough. I shot a huge load in her asshole that she pushed out and dripped down her ass cheeks and to my balls.. She took 3 more to the face as she lay their owned like a typical whore who receives the facial abuse treatment. She is another first timer who thought she could handle us.
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